Sophia Hesp

Sophia started with LVSS in 2013 as a volunteer for one year and participated in several events which include Bright Christmas, Traditional Heritage Tea and Lynn Valley Days. In 2014 Sophia was hired by LVSS as the Operations Coordinator.

Sophia’s background is in Finance and she has a passion for volunteering and helping others. Sophia has volunteered or organizations such as NS Community Resources, NV Chamber of Commerce, Bankers on Lonsdale/Camp Kerry Endowment Fund, B.C. Children’s Hospital, Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, and the Aga Khan Foundation.

Sophia spent her early childhood years in England and moved to the North Shore where she now resides with her Fiancé. She graduated from SFU with a BA in English and she is an avid reader.
Sophia co-ordinates the children’s birthday parties at Mollie Nye House and works in liaison with various facilitators which include Bricks4kidz, Mad Science, and I Can Dance.

Sophia co-ordinates “in house” rental of Mollie Nye House meeting rooms; provides information about registered and drop-in programs; administers cash revenue and expense according to established procedures and co-ordinates the development of the Month End reports.

Sophia likes working closely with the Board members and the volunteers at LVSS; she has a strong sense of community and she uses her interpersonal and communications skills to identify the needs of others and to proactively identify solutions; as an only child the people she meets along her journey in life become almost like a second family to her.

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