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ESL CLASSES – English As A Second Language Classes (Adult) 

學會說英語         영어를 배우십시오        یاد بگیرید که به انگلیسی صحبت کنید

ESL Intermediate / Advance classes:

Welcome Back!

Please pre-register through North Vancouver Recreation and Culture (NVRC) by calling 604-987-7529 using barcode numbers below.

Session 2

Tuesdays and Thursdays: 9 am - 11 am
May 27 to June 24, 2021
Cost for five weeks (9 classes) is $252.00 + GST
Barcode 98254


Build confidence in both your English listening and speaking skills.

Maximum of 6 participants: COVID-19 related questions will be asked at the door;

Masks should be worn at all times.

Registration is open.




Originally, Tai Chi was practiced as a Martial Art. Today, millions of people practice the slow, graceful movements of Tai Chi for its health promoting benefits. It is known to increase flexibility, strength, mindfulness and overall health. It works on the body, mind and spirit.

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BETTER BALANCE with Surefeet For Adults 50+

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PWR!4LIFE – A Parkinson’s Exercise Program

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