Matina Spiropoulos

matina-0065.jpgMatina joined the LVSS board in October 2017. She is serving on the Brand Recognition Committee. This committee shares information with the public, on various platforms, about what LVSS does in the Mollie Nye House, to serve the Lynn Valley Community.

She has a variety of business experience from writing for the North Shore News to sales on Cypress Mountain to volunteering for many local non-profit organizations.  She contributes planning, communications, budgeting, sales and customer service experience to the LVSS board.

Matina brings a non-traditional approach to volunteer work, always trying new ideas to incorporate volunteers to LVSS. She believes in the value of giving back to our growing community and serving the needs of the Lynn Valley residents.

While born and raised in Montreal, Matina has lived in Lynn Valley for almost 20 years. She enjoys taking pictures and telling stories. She is committed to sharing the benefits of LVSS to the community.

Matina is inspired by the work of LVSS board and the successful implementation of policy and programs generated from positive teamwork. She is pleased to be involved with LVSS and to be part of the active and vibrant Lynn Valley community.

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