Become a Board Member

Become a Board Member of the Lynn Valley Services Society (LVSS).

Be a part of “Bringing People Together” in your community.

Why join the Board? Please consider the following:

  1. You live on the North Shore and care about community. How do you feel you could contribute to the success of Lynn Valley Services Society? 

  2. You would like to meet an interesting group of people and bring your unique set of skills to the LVSS Board.  Board members stay connected through meetings, committee work and sharing skills to support the Vision of LVSS.  This entails 4 - 6 hours per month or more for special activities.  Do you have the time and resources to be an active member of the Board?

  3. LVSS Board members are volunteers who are passionate about a vision for the future of the Mollie Nye House.  What does leadership mean to you?




for the Board Member application.